OMG! I Didn’t Tell You!!!

*cough cough* *ahem*

This is awkward, and I feel silly about it. I can’t believe I forgot to tell you I finally started an actual photography business. Registered it 3 months ago and everything. We’re sticking to Food, product, and portrait photography.

*drumroll* I present to you…..Pixtachio!

Please check and follow our social media pages. We’re presently on Facebook and Instagram. Just search for “Pixtachio”. Thanks.

I’ll post some work here from time to time too. Starting right now! _dsc0265-1noodles3pancakes1parfum-bw

Moving On…

I know I know…

It’s been almost two months since I last put anything up here. I’m terrible but I’ll try to be better.

Just a few days ago, I hosted my last show on Cool FM. My time belt was scrapped to cut costs, but staff from other departments were also affected in this latest downsizing session. I’m not really sad about the situation, though, and I definitely didn’t cry. I’m just thinking forward. I guess it’s time to move on.

I’ll focus on my photography and other interests right now. Maybe I’ll get another radio job later. I still love radio, after all.

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What, really, is appropriate job interview attire?

Who sat and decided that you and I have to wear suits, shirts, knee-length skirts, a tie, and all other such ‘ corporate’ clothing to an interview?

Let’s say you are African like I am… Why on earth can’t you even wear a nicely tailored ankara or wax print outfit? Must we conform to Western ideals even to get jobs in Africa??

If we’re being honest, suits have NO place in our lives. We live in the tropics, darn it!! But wear something casual or not ‘corporate’, and you’ll most likely be sent out the door before the interviewers even look at your qualifications.

Now, I’m not saying that corporate ‘oyibo’ office wear is bad or demeaning, but I need to rant here. Why is that the only thing we can wear?

Imagine a world (non-Western) where you can wear your local fabrics, or a jumpsuit, or a simple sleeveless cotton top, or shorts and sandals to a job interview…Imagine that all you need to do is be nicely and modestly dressed and know your onions. Some might argue that ‘modest dressing’ is subjective, but hey! That’s a topic for another day.

All I’d like is to be free to wear what I’m comfortable in, when I go to job interviews. For now, this whole system of having to dress only a certain way seems very pretentious to me.

Luckily, I work in media, and before my interview, I was actually advised by a colleague to dress down (semi-formal) so I wouldn’t be seen as ‘too uptight’. That was lovely. For the rest of you, my darlings, I wish you luck and hope things get better.



barbed wire
F 8, 1/1000s, ISO 100, 18-55 @40mm

Some people say love hurts. I say rejection hurts. Betrayal hurts.

Love doesn’t hurt. People hurt, and when they hurt, they hurt other people.

Love fills you with laughter and a spring in your step even in the most hopeless situations.

When someone who loves you hurts you, it is usually because they are going through something. However, if they continually, deliberately do it, that, my darling, is not love. You are probably in a relationship with the wrong person or with a person who needs to heal before they can be in a stable, happy relationship with anyone else.

A bad,abusive relationship is like barbed wire. It can be pretty to look at, but You could get caught in its hooks, and it hurts worse if you struggle with it. You have to be calm and analyze your situation, then move.

Untangle yourself from the barbed wire, check for infections, and let your wounds heal. You will be fine. Time will do the work.


Around this time of the year, people get stuck thinking of gift ideas for that special person. Now remember: the person(s) you give presents to on St. Valentine’s Day doesn’t necessarily have to be someone you’re in a not-so-platonic relationship with. You can get something for absolutely anyone.

We usually focus on the ladies on Valentine’s Day. This is going to be different.

That being said, this list IS about gift ideas for your lover/ husband/boyfriend/partner/potential something. And no, ladies. No singlets or boxers (unless they are the type listed below).

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Ezinne was breathing hard and fast. She had just returned from an intense jogging session which ended with running.
She was back home, sitting on the floor with her legs spread out, and her head banging. It’d been a good one for as long as it was good. She hadn’t run so far and fast in ages. Whew!

She had left her apartment in the Life Camp area of Abuja around 5am. It had been a while since she’d done any serious exercise but she’d woken up early, brimming with energy. ‘Maybe it’s time to take advantage of this beautiful winding road’, she thought.

She hadn’t gone too far after the initial warm up session, and her heart was already car speakers with awesome bass. She slowed down and laughed to herself.  ‘This will teach you not to live a sedentary lifestyle for so long, Ezi’.

She’d just jogged her way to the Life Camp Park when she met a guy tying his shoelaces.  As she passed him, he looked up and nodded.  She returned the nod. It was the usual nod of acknowledgment that exercisers gave to each other.
She’d segued into a brisk walk when she heard him catch up with her.

“Hi. My name’s Femi.”
“Hello, Femi”.
“What’s your name?”

“Pretty name. Do you live around here? I’m out every morning and I’ve never seen you”.
“I moved to this area recently and I’ve not exercised since I moved in. What about you? Do you live around here?”

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Any doctors or sex experts/ therapists in the building??? LOL. I was am online at work, and I saw this article on Olodo Nation.  . Some of the points made seem very ridiculous. I need for people to confirm and/or debunk please.

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Masturbation is popularly performed by mostly men and a little percentage of women masturbate. We shall discuss on this topic based on the medical, physical and mental knowledge given to us by God.

Let us start from the advantages of masturbation


  1. Masturbation ease tension in both male and female.
    2. Masturbation makes a male or female feel light.
    3. Masturbation prevent a guy from being sick due to too much sperm deposit.
    4. Masturbation help in producing an imaginary s*x image in both male and female.
    5. Masturbation reduces the rate of a male or female Hot feelings.
    6. Masturbation prevent a man from having s*x without a woman.
    7. Masturbation satisfy both male and female sexually.
    8. Masturbation reduces sexual transmitted diseases.
    9. Masturbation preserve a virgin guy(based on what some people believes).
    10. Masturbation cools an aroused body.
    11. Masturbation is the best way of collection of sperm when a running a sperm count analysis.


  1. Masturbation is a serious sin in the holy bible.
    2. Masturbation makes the joystick or d**k to get weak when been used in the body of a woman.
    3. Masturbation makes a joystick to develop too many vein thereby making it unattractive.
    4. Masturbation causes infections in females.
    5. Masturbation weaken the hormone responsible in producing sperm.
    6. Masturbation makes a man moan, suffer and starve for real s*x during the period of masturbating.
    7. It reduces the period of expulsion in men.
    8. Masturbation weaken the womb in females thereby not enabling the womb to carry a child which leads to abortion(miscarriages most of the time).
    9. It sometimes causes infertility in women.
    10. It causes cancer in women.
    11. Masturbation can make a woman lose her virginity.
    12. It can cause sperm disability which leads to abnormal children (in fewer cases). With this points I have made, I will take it that masturbation causes harm to a human body. So masturbation should be avoided except if only to be used for medical purposes.
    13. Masturbation causes extreme body odor in Men.

Lots of people bash masturbation for personal reasons,  religious reasons and all sorts of reasons. Some people call in on my show warning guys to never masturbate as it can cause a lot of problems. These people cite their own experiences or the experiences of their “friend”. Other people will swear on the benefits of masturbation. I sometimes have to try hard to stay neutral when I’m on air, and sometimes, I want to either bang my head against a wall or laugh at the ludicrousness of the things I hear, but about this topic, really…where do people get ‘facts’ from?

Ex Animo, Me.